But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.
Jeremiah 29:7

A Call To Prayer

Two million citizens comprise our five county Metropolitan Statistical Area, (1.3 million reside in the 59 separate political jurisdictions of Cuyahoga County). All proudly identify with Cleveland’s championship sports teams and the city’s renewed ability to host national conventions. Yet, the heart of our metropolitan city needs healing.
Greater Cleveland at Prayer is an invitation to Christian churches to join in a cooperative covenant to pray together for our metropolitan city.
We believe that God desires for us to pray together for the healing and health of Greater Cleveland and to pray specifically for God’s kingdom to come here as it is in heaven.

A Call To Work

Social Justice Advocacy: is planned, organized and sustained actions. Its purpose is to influence public policy outcomes, with and/ on behalf of a vulnerable group or community or indeed the wider public good.
Social justice advocacy is informed by experiences of poverty and exclusion by:
Providing individual/personal advocacy supports aimed at realizing right and entitlements.
Delivering direct services and meeting social and economic needs.
Empowering and involving those experiencing the issues in the decisions that impact their lives.
Producing research and analysis that illustrates the realities of poverty and social exclusion.
It is targeted at a broad range of stakeholders including: policy-makers, civil and public servants, social partners, relevant international organizations, broader public opinion, and other relevant actors.

Weekly Prayer Circle

Pray Every Day

For the healing of Greater Cleveland; for the sick and those on our hearts; for the welfare of all our citizens and residents; for the establishment of God’s order in our community; and for peace.


For our civic life; for full and informed citizen engagement in local elections; for print and broadcast media; for police, fire, rescue workers and elected officials; for public employees and services; for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, hospice facilities, patients and staff.


For the economic health of Greater Cleveland; for those who make financial decisions that impact our citizens and residents; for businesses, entrepreneurs, manufacturing industries, banking and financial institutions; for living wage work, just and sustainable economic development.


For environmental justice and creation care; for recycling centers, sustainability groups, nature centers; for clean air, clean water, and safe parks; for lead paint and toxic waste abatement; for all agencies and organizations dedicated to these issues.


For criminal justice and immigration reform; for the residents and staff of all prisons and jails; for our courts and judges; for the victims and the perpetrators of violent crime; for a path to citizenship for undocumented residents/workers/families; for immigrant and refugee support networks including local churches providing sanctuary.


For educational and social service institutions; for all schools, students, teachers, staff; for technical schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, day care centers; for administrators and staff of all public welfare agencies and non-profit organizations.


For peace in our homes, communities, the nation and world; for programs fostering conflict resolution, peace education, mediation, and reconciliation; for the end of domestic violence and gun violence.


For the coming of God’s Kingdom in Greater Cleveland; for an end to racism and racial prejudice; for all places of prayer or worship: churches, mosques, synagogues; for senior citizens, young people, all who are hurt, need inner healing, or are unable to love.

Covenant for
Greater Cleveland at Prayer

To register please fill out the form below.
  • I covenant with pastors and congregations from Greater Cleveland to pray weekly, at the major services of the week, for the concerns listed on our common Weekly Prayer Cycle for Greater Cleveland.

    I understand that each congregation will pray in its own way, and with particularities related to its special vocation and location in God's kingdom, but that we will all share in the common agenda of prayer for the Resurrection of this metropolitan city.

    I offer now my prayers to our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ his Son, and in the Holy Spirit, for the guidance and energizing of this effort of prayer. Please include this congregation in the covenant fellowship to the glory of God and the benefit of His metropolitan city and community.

  • For more information please email
    Mail: Greater Cleveland at Prayer, c/o SEUCC,
    4217 Bluestone Road South Euclid, Ohio 44121.
    Phone: 216-205-7475